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Punjab Chief Minister inaugurates ‘Arfa Teacher Chatbot’

Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi

Lahore, Jan 15: /DNA/ – Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi paid a heartfelt tribute to Arfa Karim, the great daughter of the nation, during his visit to the Arfa Software Technology Park on Ferozepur Road. Chief Minister Naqvi inaugurated the “Arfa Teacher Chatbot” in honor of the visionary Arfa Karim and, as a symbol of remembrance, lit candles at the technology park. He also visited the Arfa Karim Technology Incubator, commending the Arfa Karim Foundation’s endeavors in advancing IT initiatives.

Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi expressed appreciation for the Arfa Karim Foundation team introduced to him, stating that there could be no better homage to Arfa Karim. He emphasized the role of digitalization and IT in aligning educational visions with contemporary requirements. The newly launched “Arfa Teacher Chatbot” is positioned as a tool to enhance Pakistan’s positive global image and contribute to skill development, ensuring accessibility based on affordability.

Mohsin Naqvi highlighted that the chatbot represents the first step into the realm of artificial intelligence, providing communication, guidance, and IT training. The full version is anticipated to serve as a potent educational resource, imparting essential IT skills even to remote areas of Pakistan. The Chief Minister expressed gratitude to the Arfa Karim Foundation, especially Arfa Karim’s parents, for transforming her memory into the invaluable “Arfa Teacher Chatbot.”

Reflecting on Arfa Karim’s visionary stance on IT development 12 years ago, Naqvi acknowledged that the world’s secret to progress lies in information technology. He urged the media to shift focus to digital platforms, emphasizing the importance of IT development in Pakistan.

Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi emphasized the duty of all citizens to contribute to making Arfa Karim’s dream a reality, particularly by bridging the public and private sectors through IT integration. He drew parallels with past media transitions, urging adaptation to the digital age to avoid being left behind.

CM Naqvi cited Arfa Karim’s foresight as a guiding vision for advancing IT exports, underscoring the need to propel her legacy forward. He shared a practical example of cost savings through digitization in government processes, thanking those present for commemorating Arfa Karim’s legacy.

Provincial Education Minister Mansoor Qadir, Chairman Punjab Information Technology Board, Commissioner Lahore, Arfa Karim Group Chairman Colonel (Rtd) Amjad Karim Randhawa, Arfa Karim’s mother, and the entire team of Arfa Karim Foundation were present on this occasion.

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