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Pak, Uzbekistan to start work on trade corridor with Afghanistan: Uzbek Minister

Pak, Uzbekistan to start work on trade corridor with Afghanistan: Uzbek Minister

ISLAMABAD, MAY 8 (APP): Uzbek Deputy Minister for Transport and Aviation, Jasurbek Choriev has said that Pakistan and Uzbekistan have decided to start work on the trilateral trade corridor with Afghanistan, which is of great importance in regional economic integration.

Including Afghanistan, all three parties are willing to complete this trade corridor and its completion will increase regional trade and boost economic activities in the regional countries, Jasurbek Choriev said this at the Tashkent International Investment Forum (TIIF) while talking to APP.

The minister said that Pakistan was our foremost priority economic partner as well in the recent future, with which we are working in many spheres at the economic and trade level.

He said that the Pakistan-Uzbekistan partnership is of great importance in regional economic and trade integration and Uzbekistan considers Pakistan will have a significant partner in this regard.

The Minister said that Uzbekistan is the central country of Central Asia and similarly, Pakistan is also a Geo-Strategically important country of South Asia located in the neighbouring Central Asia.

He said that air, rail and road connectivity between Pakistan and Uzbekistan is essential to increase bilateral trade between the two countries.

Jasurbek Choriev said that the direct flight between Pakistan and Uzbekistan will start in October this year 2024.

He said that Pakistan and Uzbekistan have a central role in global and regional trade and the strategic partnership of the two countries can usher in a new era of economic prosperity in the region.

Replying to a question,he said that the economic and trade relations between the two countries started from the historic Silk route and both countries are determined to revive the old Silk route.

Great Silk Road is a historical trade artery between East and West, which is of great cultural, economic and geopolitical importance, he said.

Meanwhile highlighting the significance of Tashkent International Investment Forum, the Minister said that in TIIF, international experts and representatives of government agencies explored opportunities to expand ties, economic cooperation and cultural exchange along the ancient routes of the Silk Road.

First and foremost, “we think about the economy and new transportation routes that will benefit everyone, not only Uzbekistan, and here respect for the law and culture of other countries plays a big role,Jasurbek Choriev said.

He said that in this forum participants discussed ways to revive this ancient route in the modern era, expand trade and economic ties, and promote intercultural dialog between countries once linked by the Silk Road.

“We need to take concrete steps to realize the concept of the New Silk Road -ensuring safe and efficient transport corridors, developing logistics infrastructure and strengthening cooperation between the states of the region” he said.

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