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DC Abbottabad takes initiatives to improve healthcare services

DC Abbottabad takes initiatives to improve healthcare services

ABBOTTABAD, MAY 08 (DNA) —Deputy Commissioner Abbottabad Khalid Iqbal Wednesday underscored the district administration’s commitment to enhance the health sector for residents. He expressed these views while chairing District Steering Committee meeting.

The DC also took decisive action against absent staff and misconduct across Rural Health Centers (RHCs), Basic Health Units (BHUs), and District Headquarters Hospitals (DHQs) and issued directives including stringent monitoring of basic health centers, formal action against absent medical personnel, and enhancing performance in critical areas such as emergency services and dental care within DHQs.

Furthermore, he emphasized on the improvements for emergency response, patient admissions, and facilities at the Women and Children Hospital. Deputy Commissioner Iqbal highlighted that prioritizing the public health and well-being stands as the foremost agenda of the district administration, with all mandatory resources being allocated towards this objective.

During the meeting, detailed briefings were provided by the Health Department regarding performance evaluations and the implementation of prior decisions. Instructions were also issued regarding staff appointments, addressing staff absence from duty and ensuring the availability of medicines across health centers, including Type D facilities, RHCs, and Family Welfare Centers.

Additionally, focus was directed towards enhancing the overall performance, staff attendance, and provision of facilities at DHQ Hospitals, encompassing emergency services, dental care, and cleanliness measures.

In the meeting it was also decided to take steps to address the issue of expired medicines at various healthcare facilities, including Type D Hospital Boi, RHC Khaira Gali, Basic Health Center Bokot, BHU Stora, and Soul Dispensary Leran, with directives issued for necessary action against responsible parties.

Commissioner Iqbal reiterated directives regarding staff attendance, medication availability, and service provision to citizens. — DNA

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