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PPP Chairman addresses the National Assembly

ISLAMABAD, APR 9 /DNA/ -Chairman Pakistan Peoples Party, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari addressing the National Assembly has said that the Speaker himself is doing the contempt of court and abrogating the Constitution. 
The five-member bench of the Supreme Court has given an order and no agenda item can be raised except the order of the day.
On April 3, their minister had trapped the PM, President and deputy-speaker in abrogation of the constitution. Due to today’s effort, the Speaker is himself involved in these crimes. 
Chairman Bilawal demanded of the Speaker to follow the court’s orders. The Speaker will himself be disqualified over the contempt of court. This is not the first time in Pakistan that a speaker’s ruling has been thrown by the court. In the past too, a Speaker sitting in the same chair had given a ruling which was then done away with through a suo-moto notice. The court has ordered for the process of April 3 to be completed and voting has to take place. 
The Captain is running and in doing so, is committing a contempt of court and abrogating the constitution. If the Speaker wants to be involved in these crimes, it is up to him. 
I had warned the PM a long time ago, to be wary of the person who made a speech before me or else he would trap him. The same person has trapped him. 
‘Mr. Speaker, obey the court’s order and conduct voting’, Chairman Bilawal said. 
If today’s agenda is not followed, then they should know that the opposition too will not leave. The court is here. We will snatch our constitutional rights. 
They are compelling the Speaker on violating the constitution and committing the contempt of court through a fake letter. They do not have the courage to listen. 
The reality is that the majority is with the opposition. Imran has lost his majority. All the foreign conspiracy talk is not included in the agenda. We can debate on it for a 100 days but the voting should be conducted. Accept the court’s order. 
There are many lies in their story. The first being that the debacle took place on March 7 and our no-confidence came on March 8. 
There is a time difference in the US and Pakistan, March 7 there is March 8 over here. Then, even according them, the no-confidence was submitted when their conversation was ongoing. I know who is giving Imran this advice, and they are thinking for themselves. They will get Imran Khan trapped. 
We had decided that when Imran is no longer the selected PM, there would be no objections between us. However, the Captain ran in a cowardly manner and is not here today too. He cannot even present his stance. 
We ask why the foreign minister was not present in the  meeting of the National Security Committee that he  mentioned himself. Why was there no mention of the no-confidence in the minutes of the NSC meeting? An ordinary decision of a demarche being given was made. 
If a conspiracy was being hatched against Pakistan on March 7 or earlier, then their ‘honour’ should have emerged right then and there along with the proof of their patriotism. They should have asked their allies to not leave them and become a part of a conspiracy. They tell us to not bring a no-confidence and be involved in a conspiracy. However, they only cared for the conspiracy after losing the majority. When Mr. Bugti of the JWP had announced to join us on March 27, they had realised that their game was over. 
Now, this fight is not between the PPP and the PTI, or the the PDM and the PTI but that of democratic and undemocratic people. This fight is between those who wish to remain apolitical and neutral and those who wish to be biased and want interference. This is the real conspiracy. The real conspiracy is that Imran fears free and fair elections. He knows that he will be defeated by the opposition as was in the case of the bye-elections, if free and fair elections take place. It is their conspiracy to not let the vote of no-confidence take place. They want to stick to power for a day or two even if it means that the Speaker and the Chairman are made scapegoats. 
It is their conspiracy to either let selections take place without electoral reforms or to create a crisis so big that it results in dictatorship and a military rule. They want for democracy to end because as long as it is present, Imran Khan’s politics cannot be saved. 
Imran can try a 100 times, but  still not become Bhutto. He can try a 1000 times and still not be a political martyr. The reality is that they were selected before and again wish to be selected. However, they should know that whoever is advising them is not to bring former PM Imran Khan again but to wrap up democracy. This is the conspiracy of ending this Islamic, federal and democratic constitution. 
Even a child knows why they were selected. They were selected to end the 18th Amendment and rob the rights of the provinces. They were selected and created an economic crisis so big, that a common Pakistani cannot even provide for Sehri and Iftaar for their children in this month of Ramazan. 
The economic crisis that has been created is so historic that every Pakistani is in trouble. Neither can they take care of their elders nor can send the youngsters to school. Neither can youngsters attain employment after their education, nor are the farmers getting the prices of their crop. The labourer is not getting the due share of their hard work. They know all of this. 
It is Imran’s conspiracy to rob the stomachs and pockets of the people and try to fool them. The Captain cannot see beyond himself. 
It is the Speaker’s duty to accept the court’s order. We are not struggling just for Shehbaz Sharif to be made the PM. We are struggling because despite there being various ways of throwing the PM out, we too knew how to knock on Gate no. 4 and play dharna-dharna, but we wanted to remove him via democratic means only. There is only one democratic option and that is of the no-confidence. This is the only legal, constitutional and democratic means to dismiss a government. 
If we are successful against them today, then when they protest against us, the PM would not have to do a dharna or look for any Pasha. He would only have to adopt the democratic method and bring a no-confidence against us. 
The National Assembly is neither mine, nor Imran Khans or Shehbaz Sharif’s but that of the people, Chairman Bilawal asserted. 
I had said in my first speech too, that the foundation of this building of the parliament was laid by Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Chairman Bilawal said. The basis for this constitution was also laid by Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and elders of the members of the Assembly. 
The blood and sweat of our workers, leadership and Pakistani citizens has been spent on this constitution. 
We will not let anyone conspire against this constitution. 
They talk of selling conscience, but 90% of the faces of the former treasury benches have been ‘Lotas’ their whole life. Wherever I see, there are ‘Lotas’. When the foreign minister was changing his party for the first time, how much money did he take? What was the price of his conscience the second time he changed parties? What was the price when he was selling his conscience for the third time? 
Those who came to the opposition’s benches and the ones that are yet to come, were forcibly made to join the PTI before the 2018 elections. They were made to decide against their political interest at gun point. 
I would like to clarify on the floor of the House, that we won the Senate election being mentioned, but 20 members of ours were made to disappear. 
The problem now is that no one is there to repeat these disappearings. This is the reason why they have lost their majority. 
In the same elections that we consider selections and the PTI deems the most transparent in history, it obtained only 30% of the votes. The parties on the other side attained 70% votes even in that selection. 
The Speaker too should save himself and protect the honour of the National Assembly. They should accept the orders of the Supreme Court because today is once again the seventh day of the no-confidence motion. 
We had repeatedly told them during our long march that we are bringing a no-confidence. In September 2020 when the PDM sat together, there was mention of the no-confidence. Was there a foreign conspiracy at that time? Was there the Ukraine-Russia conflict then too? 
On 5 January, the CEC of the PPP was conducted in Lahore and we decided on a long march. We also demanded for a resignation and dissolution of the House before that or we would bring a no-confidence. 
Our judiciary, establishment and all of Pakistan have been divided. The time has come for us to unite Pakistan to move towards free and fair elections and progress. We will accept whoever gets the mandate as a result of free and fair elections. If there is a hurdle in this, it is those who are abrogating the constitution and waving a fake letter. If this correspondence carried such weightage, then why was the foreign minister not present in the NSC meeting? 
Khan has not once done something honourably, but should have towards the end of his rule. 
If the voting does not take place, then it would mean that the constitution has been abrogated once again and the contempt of court has taken place, Chairman Bilawal said.

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