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POWERCHINA provides permanent jobs to engineers


ISLAMABAD, May 12: POWERCHINA, the contractor of Diamer Basha Dam Project (DBDP) not only offers internship opportunities to local youth but also provides permanent jobs to meritorious students who successfully complete their internships at the site.

Recently, according to Gwadar Pro on Friday, out of six who completed their internship at DBDP obtained permanent jobs with POWERCHINA. The budding local engineers are grateful to the Chinese company for providing them with permanent employment opportunities at their doorstep.

The successful candidates were awarded certificates during the closing ceremony of the six-month training program. The ceremony was attended by DBDP CEO Amir Bashir Choudhary, as well as consultants and officials from the contractor of the project, according to an official statement.

“When you enter practical life you will realize the importance of this six-month training with the instruction of POWERHINA and WAPDA,” Amir Bashir Choudhary told the students, adding “it will pay you a lot”. Mr. Choudhry told the students that they were an example of how DBDP was improving and developing the locals.

Civil Engineer Jaheef Ahmad was happy to complete his six-month training and get a permanent job with POWERCHINA. He appealed all young civil engineers of Diamer to avail the opportunity of internship at the project. “This internship is a big opportunity for you. You will get a certificate from an international company which will help you get jobs,” he said.

Zahid Ullah, another Civil Engineer, said that he learned a lot during the training, such as support work, drilling, survey and different other tests. “I am grateful to POWERCHINA for this golden opportunity,” said Mr. Zahid.

Other trainees were also jubilant with the completion of their training and invited more fresh graduates of Diamer to come and avail training opportunities at DBDP.

Last month, the Water and Power Department of Government of Gilgit Baltistan sent a letter of appreciation to POWERCHINA’s DPDP, praising its outstanding contribution in improving local residents’ lives by providing them with jobs.

In April, POWERCHINA announced 190 jobs at DBDP for local communities.

The Chinese company regularly trains and provides jobs to the people from the site area. In December 2022, the company provided jobs to 208 skilled and technical professionals at the project sites.

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