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Police use water cannon against ‘FixIt’ campaigners in Karachi

Police use water cannon against ‘FixIt’ campaigners in Karachi

KARACHI, APR 02, (DNA) – Police on Sunday cracked down on protesting workers of civil society, led by Alamgir Khan, outside Karachi Press Club.

The social workers were protesting outside Karachi Press Club this evening against removal of IG Sindh AD. Khawaja when police used water cannon and baton-charge on them.

According to our correspondent said police used the force as ‘FixIt’ campaigners started moving towards the Chief Minister House in Red Zone of the city.

The protestors were being led by Alamgir Khan, a social worker and founder of FixIt drive who gained media limelight last year for his campaign to cover open manholes in the metropolis.

Dozens of the FixIt campaigners were rounded up by police.

Meanwhile, a good number of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) workers protested outside Artillery Police Station for the release of Alamgir Khan and his comrades.=DNA


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