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Pakistan day celebrated with zeal and fervor in Ankara

ANKARA, MAR 23 /DNA/ – The National Day of Pakistan was celebrated with zeal and fervor in Ankara. The Ambassador of Pakistan to Turkey, Muhammad Syrus Sajjad Qazi , raised the flag to the tune of the National Anthem in presence of distinguished Turkish guests, Pakistani community  and the media at Pakistan House.  Messages of the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan were read out on the occasion.

Addressing the audience, Ambassador Qazi stated that it was a day to pay tribute to the leaders of the freedom movement and renew our commitment to the real objectives of the creation of Pakistan.  Let us make a promise to ourselves that none of our actions take us away from our destination and every step brings us closer to a more prosperous Pakistan.

The ambassador also thanked the Turkish leadership and people for sending congratulatory messages and participating in the Pakistan Day celebrations.

A Turkish military contingent participated in the Pakistan Day Parade held in Islamabad. Chief of the General Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces, General Yaşar Güler was also present on the occasion.

On the eve of Pakistan Day, Ankara’s landmark, ‘Atakule’, the tallest tower and best lit building, will be showcasing messages of Pakistan-Turkey brotherhood and solidarity. Atakule is situated on Jinnah avenue just opposite to Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s monument.  Moreover, bridges in Istanbul on the Bosporus linking Asia with Europe will be illuminated in Pakistan’s flag colours this evening.

March 23rd is a landmark day in the history of Pakistan. On this day in 1940, Lahore Resolution which later came to be known as Pakistan Resolution,  demanding a separate state for the Muslims of the subcontinent was adopted. The dream envisaged on 23rd March 1940 became a reality on 14th August 1947 in form of  Pakistan.

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