Friday, June 21, 2024
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Oil tanker overturns on Indus Highway in Karak

KARAK, JUL 04 (DNA) –  An oil tanker overturned on Indus Highway near Sapina area of Karak on Tuesday.

According to details, the tanker was enroute to Karachi from Nashpa oil field when the driver lost the vehicle’s control and it turned over spilling hundreds of litres oil.

Authorities immediately closed the highway for traffic as a result of which vehicles queued up to one kilometer area.

The oil tanker was stationed in an upright position on the road with the help of a crane and the spilled oil was covered with sand by the locals. The highway was later opened for traffic after removing the tanker and clearing the leaked oil.

This is the fifth such incident of tanker overturning in the country in two weeks.

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