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Nisar denies granting permission to PTI to hold procession in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD, 11 APR (DNA) – Federal Minister of the Interior Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan on Monday denied granting permission to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) to organise a procession at F-9 park or D-chowk on April 24 on the basis of “unchecked freedom.”

While addressing a press conference, the Interior Minister stated that it is not possible for any political party to seal the capital city whenever it wants to. He added that such measures need to be taken keeping in consideration the security concerns of Islamabad and the sensitive buildings in the area. He stated that this is not a matter of personal ego or pride but it concerns the people of the locals of the city.

He inquired from the PTI Chairman, Imran Khan, as to why be it necessary to arrange a procession in Islamabad, not elsewhere. He added that the trend to seal the capital should be put to an end and stated that no one will be allowed to organise a procession on April 24 on the basis of “unchecked freedom”. He also said that action will be taken if the law is violated and that the writ of the state will be established.

Nisar said that he is ready to have a conversation with Khan over phone or to hold a meeting with him, however the decision can be reverted if a guarantee is given that the procession will be organised within a defined territory and that it will not exceed from it. “If it (the procession) does exceed then action will be taken and the organisers will be held responsible”, said Nisar.

While talking about the Panama Leaks, Chaudhary Nisar said that the matter in regards to the offshore companies needs not to be put on a media trial but it must reach a conclusion. “I am ready to have investigations through the FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) but I leave the matter concerning the appointment of the investigation head with Imran Khan”, he said. He added that Nisar can have investigations from any FIA officer of his choice.

Nisar criticised Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader Aitzaz Ahsan and stated that the opposition needs to address its own confusion prior to dealing with the Panama Leaks investigation. He added that “if only the Leader of the Opposition in the Senate would introspect before accusing others”.

He said that PPP “denied its affiliation with the Surrey palace and claimed to be innocent however they agreed about the ownership of the property in a British court”. He added that the Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif never denied his ownership of the Mayfair flats and disclosed this information before the public.

Nisar suggested that he along with the other Members of the National Assembly (MNAs) should be accounted, adding that investigation should be done against all those who violate the laws of the country. He said that the Opposition Leader and Aitzaz Ahsan should also be accounted. He said that his demand of accountability must not be confused with the investigation in regards to the off-shore companies. DNA

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