Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Muzaffargarh woman hides lover in trunk, suffocates him

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MULTAN: A woman who was having an affair with her cousin accidentally suffocated him in a trunk after hiding him there when other relatives woke up late at night,

Married father Mushtaq Ahmed Baloch, 22, was having an affair with his cousin Rani Bibi, a mother of two, and came to her house at night while her family was sleeping,

The noise as Baloch entered the house woke up Bibi’s father and brothers-in-law, prompting her to hide him in a large tin storage trunk in her room.

She then placed a padlock on the trunk.

But her in-laws came to search the room and Baloch was forced to cry out for help as he was suffocating,

They did not open the trunk and he died within 15 minutes,

The incident took place in the suburbs of the of Muzaffargarh town, late Saturday night.

“We have arrested Bibi’s father-in-law and his two sons on murder charges,”

He said that Bibi’s husband was not at home as he had a job in Karachi.

Muzaffargarh district police chief Muzaffargarh Awais Ahmed Malik confirmed the details


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