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  Muslim Plights Seek World Attention! by Tooba Khurshid


Today, Muslims are facing all kinds of troubles across the globe, whether it is on political, social, economic or religious front.Sufferings of Muslims in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK), Palestine and Myanmar, are unfortunate. Muslims are being subjected to the worst kind of oppression and torment in these regions. They are denied of their basic rights of freedom of life, honor, freedom of religion, speech, movement and so on. They are physically crippled, tortured and injured. Thousands of Muslims in these regions are killed with impunity. Their homes are burnt. Their women are raped.They are thrown out of homes, their houses and mosques are put to torch. They are enforced to seek out asylum in neighboring countries. All these are attempts to eradicate Muslim race and curb their voices in these areas. Their efforts to freedom and rights are crushed viciously. Account of such sorrows, holocaust, scourge, rape and massacre is a manifestation of modern barbarism.

Starting withMyanmar!

‘Rohingya Muslims’ in the northwest of Myanmar are largely under attack from extremist Buddhist for the last fifty years. Government of Mayanmar has also introduced numerous policies to suppress the Rohingya Muslims. However, since 2012 large scale violence against Rohingyas has started. Hundreds of people have been killed and thousands have been left homeless. United Nations (UN) has called Rohingyas as the ‘world most persecuted people’. However this persecution seems to be no end. Recent satellite images released by Human Rights Watch revealed that hundreds of buildings in the Rohingya villages have been torched. With systematic persecution, violence and uncertainty they have been stranded at sea. According to recent reports around 200 Rohingya Muslims are stranded at Bangladesh bank. Over the past few days at least 150 Rohingyas had been killed by Myanmar Army. Such an escalation is a matter of grave concern. Muslims are subjected to forced labor with no job prospects. Members of the military forces and police continue to violate the human rights with impunity.  Human Rights Watch Report 2016 summarizes that Myanmar transition from military to civilian rule in 2011 has not brought any difference to Muslim fates. They continue to face systematic suppression and persecution. UN Special Rapporteur, Yanghee Lee said that summary executions, arbitrary arrests, violence and rapes are threatening Myanmar democracy. Despite documented reports there are few sane voices that have come out against such unlawful violence against the Rohingya Muslims.

Likewise what is happening to the Muslims in the Holy Land Palestine is a matter of sorrow to every Muslim. They confront hardship, torture, expulsion, killing and harm and see the blatant persecution inflicted upon them. The Muslim has endured for more than fifty years, facing endless Zionist arrogance and aggression, which pays no heed to human dignity or any concordat except to which their own notions and desires make them inclined. It is hard to get the exact number of Palestinians being martyred, however, number goes up to hundered thousands.  The issue is not only about the murder of Muslims but the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people and denial of their legitimate right to self-determination.

Muslims in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) has also suffered a great deal over the past sixty decades.

And, the Pain! still continues.

In IOK, Kashmiris are subjected to worst kind of brutalities. India has stationed and strengthened more than 700,000 Indian Military Forces, in addition to 70,000 Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and state Police against unarmed and innocent civilians. Indian Occupational Forces (IOF) is well-equipped with latest machinery and is engage in curbing the freedom voices through unprecedented use of force. The human rights abuses range from extrajudicial killing, forced disappearances, torture and rape to repression and freedom of speech. Human rights violations and brutalities committed by IOF since 1989 is a well-documented fact. Since 1989 tens of thousands of people have been killed through excessive use of force and thousands have been injured. Since July 2016, a renewed wave of violence has been inflicted upon the innocent people by IOF. More than 150 people have been killed, 17,000 injured out of which 6,205 hit by pellets in face leaving more than 200 people completely blind and 1000 partially blind due the ruthless repression of IOF. IOF has burnt around 25 schools over the past three months. Indian aggression on Line of Control (LoC) has also resulted in killing of around 30 people.

The incidents of atrocities against the Muslims are surely sad and unforgettable but concurrently the most disappointing fact is the negligence of International Community. The inactivity of international community and silence of exponents of human rights over such grave violations of Muslims, their persecution and genocide doubts the utility and effectiveness of these forums that claim themselves as the promoter, upholder and defender of human rights and democratic values.

Such massacre is not a new thing; Muslims have been subjected to such violence and atrocities for decades. If we go through the history of violence across the world, Muslims are always sufferer. Islam is the religion of peace and harmony. It always speaks of religious harmony and tolerance and does not allow its followers to harm others. This leaves a serious question that why followers of such a peaceful religion are always subjected to violence? The fear afflicted faces of Muslims of these regions and glimpse of their grievances are distressful and heart rending.The world we live in today, is believed to be cultured and enlightened with no space for inhumanity and atrocity. Regrettably, the fortune of majority of population, particularly Muslims, still is in oblivion. They are killed with impunity and are subjected to torture, physical abuse and genocide.

Pakistan has always been stressing the International community to proceed and play its role for these oppressed Muslims. Pakistan demanded United Nations, OIC, regional powers and international community to play effective role to curb the violence in these regions. The level of brutalities and oppression of misfortune Muslims in these parts of the world would annul the efforts of these forums that are aimed to address the grievances of humans.International community has acknowledged the Muslim repression in these areas.  It has urged the responsible governments; India, Myanmar and Israel to honor their commitments and act responsibly.  However, a mere lip service will not do justice to the plight rather, there is need to show much urgencyto help and resolve issues Muslims are facing. IOK, Palestine and Myanmar need kind of seriousness, international community showed towards Sudan and East Timor.


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