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Will take ‘dope test’ with Imran to prove who’s right, Hashmi hits back

Hashmi Hashmi Hashmi

MULTAN, JAN 01, (DNA) -Veteran politician Javed Hashmi on Sunday termed Imran’s statement regarding his mental health ‘sad’, saying that if he’s not in the right mental state then both him and the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief should undergo ‘dope tests’.

The leader who was formerly associated with the PTI, was speaking to media in Multan. He said that if the tussle between the two politicians is about ‘mental well-being’ then both of them should go through mental examination.

Hahsmi claimed that for two years Imran’s media cell verbally abused him and now the party chief is following suit.

“I dare him to face me, I am certain that he would never sit face to face with me,” said Hashmi.

“Those who wrote the script of the 2014 sit-in weren’t angels from above,” he said.

“The plan was first Tahirul Qadri would take control of the Parliament and then the PTI would join them,” he said.

Hashmi said the nation has been duped and a commission should be formed to investigate the matter of the sit-in.

Today, Imran Khan also responded to the earlier allegations levelled by ex-PTI leader Hashmi.

“He is not in the right state of mind. He is telling big lies,” Khan said in response to the senior politician’s claims that Imran Khan wanted to bring a “judicial martial law” during the 2014 sit-in in the capital.

The PTI chief added that those violating the party’s disciplines have been expelled and action will soon be taken against a few others.=DNA


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