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Mullick pays tribute to Pakistan Girl Guide Association

ISLAMABAD, 01 JUNE (DNA) – Chairperson Peace & Culture Organization and Kashmiri Hurriyat Leader Yasin Malik’s wife Mushaal Hussein Mullick emphasis on girls to dream big and never to give up in struggling to make their dreams come true.

She was speaking as a guest speaker at a conference organized by Pakistan Girl Guides Association at its Headquarter yesterday. National Commissioner of PGGA senator NuzhatSadiq, Senator Habibullah, PGGA trainers and Girl guides from all over the country attended the event.

National commissioner briefed attendees regarding National girl guides association, its aims and objectives and targets achieved. Senator Habibullah said that progress of the nation was not possible without the effective role of women participation.

Mushaal Hussein Mullick gave rich tribute to the Pakistan Girl Guides Association and hoped that they will become enlightened, brave and courageous women of the society and represent Pakistan as its true Ambassadors. Those Girl Guides coming belonging to far flung areas were as important segment of the society as girls and women from urban cities. She urged the young girls to not just believe in their dreams and ideals but to also live them in practice.

“In Pakistan women population is 52 percent but their practical role in different segments of society is far less in percent. There is a huge space between women population and their responsibilities and role to the nation. To fill this space is an open challenge to the women of today who are far more emancipated, and have a lot more opportunities to explore their identity.

This is the basic responsibility of Pakistan Girls Guide Association and other organizations that promote women empowerment to approach every woman of society and highlight their problems, miseries and raise voice in support of women rights. PGGA’s achievements are commendable but I think such efforts need to be further strengthened.” She stressed

Mushaal Hussein Mullick in addition said the female students have a huge responsibility because they were representative of not just Pakistan Girl Guide association but also represent the entire women of Pakistan.” Our future depends on you, you are ourtomorrow, you are our future leaders.

You have to prove yourself as fully committed and competent and responsible daughters, wives,career women and above all as healthy and strong mothers. If you achieve these points no one can deter you from going ahead. You all have to play your role with full force, only then will you find your destination at your forefront.” DNA


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