Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Mafias want to topple incumbent govt at any cost: PM Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday said that mafias are trying to topple the democratic government at any cost after their irregularities have been exposed.

Addressing a ceremony to lay the foundation for the up-gradation of the Multan-Lodhran section of the N-5 motorway, the prime minister said that those who called themselves democratic are demanding the military to topple the government.

“These mafias are bent upon doing anything to safeguard their interests as billions of dollars stashed by them abroad through money looted in the country have been probed,” he said and added that rule of law changes the society and ensures that there are no sugar and land mafias.

He said that a change has been witnessed owing to their actions as now farmers are getting their due money from sugar mills and it has led to a record harvest of the sugarcane this year.

He challenged as to how a change could come immediately after resuming power and said that Muslims in the sub-continent struggled for years to achieve their target of a separate homeland in 1947.

“Change is not possible without a struggle,” the prime minister said adding that the opposition raised a hue and cry regarding a change a week after they took power.

“An impression was given as the new Pakistan will be build just after pushing a button,” Imran Khan said while terming the recent struggle against mafias as one of the biggest in the country after the struggle for independence in 1947.

The prime minister said that it was Almighty Allah who rescued them from the COVID situation after they took decisions to balance between the economy and the infection.

Sharing progress on CPEC, Imran Khan said they are entering the second phase of the multi-billion dollar project with China and the establishment of special economic zones will help them in lifting their exports.

The prime minister said that it was for the first time that the government is stressing the need of the IT sector and their exports in the sector have risen to Rs90 billion. “We are further constructing dams for clean energy,” the prime minister shared while stressing the need on saving the country from the effects of global warming.

He said that the establishment of national parks, plantation of 10 billion trees, and construction of dams are steps aimed at saving the next generations of the country. He further shed light on improving tourism in the country to gain fully from its potential and make it a source of increasing foreign reserves.

Imran Khan said that the vaccination will help them in improving tourism besides also safeguarding people from COVID-19.

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