Saturday, May 18, 2024
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LG polls: PML-N leads in Punjab with 1105 seats, PPP in Sindh with 733 seats

THE Pakistan Muslim League-N and the Pakistan Peoples Party looked set to emerge as the leading groups in Punjab and Sindh respectively after unofficial results for elections to local bodies started trickling in late on Saturday night.The PML-N had taken an early lead on as many as 1105 seats, out of a total of 2,696, in Punjab when we went to press. The Tehreek-i-Insaf was a distant second with a lead in 80 constituencies.

In Sindh, the PPP was leading on 733 seats, out of a total of 1,072, while the Muslim League-Functional was ahead on 50 seats. Voters tried to make the most of a much-awaited opportunity to elect their representatives at the grassroots. Although polling in most areas was by and large peaceful, Khairpur saw deadly violence when supporters of PPP and PML-F fought a gunbattle which claimed 11 lives. In Punjab PTI has secured 244 seats while PPP got over 100. Final results are yet to be announced

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