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Karachiites suffer prolonged power outages on second day of Ramazan


KARACHI, MAY 29, (DNA) – Power outage in Karachi could not be controlled on Monday, and people spent their second consecutive Sehri in darkness after a major electricity breakdown hit 13 districts of Sindh on Sunday due to Extra High Tension tripping in Jamshoro 500 KV line.

All the claims of K-electric proved to be wrong as load shedding continues in the name of technical faults. Several areas of Karachi are deprived of electricity, and power could not be restored in some parts of Hyderabad even after 31 hours.

Power outages during second Sehri in almost every region of Karachi including Malir, Shah Faisal Town, Korangi Town, Jahangir Road, North Karachi, New Karachi and Nazimabad were abserved. K-Electric could not give any solid reason behind the power cut.

Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah wrote a letter to Federal Minister for Water and Power Khawaja Asif over the issue of load shedding.

 The letter stated that 13 districts of rural Sindh and half of Karachi plunged into darkness after the 500 KV Hubco-Jamshoro transmission line tripped at around 2:15 am on Sunday, and the power is yet to be fully restored.

Sindh CM urged Khawaja Asif to take all possible measures to rectify the faults in the 500 KV transmission line so that electricity may be restored in the affected areas of Sindh.

He also requested the federal minister to reduce the load shedding hours to minimum level, at least during Ramazan, and to ensure uninterrupted power supply during Sehri and Iftar.

A reference of the email was also given in the letter that was sent on May 24.

On the other hand, provincial minister Nasir Shah has said that Sindh is being treated unfairly regarding electricity matter. The ministers of Sindh also reminded federal government of its promise to not conduct load shedding during Ramazan.=DNA


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