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Imran Khan demands commission under supervision of CJP

ISLAMBAD, APR 010 (DNA) – PTI chairman Imran Khan said on Sunday Pakistan is passing through a defining moment and if we did not take any steps it would further slide towards destruction.He expressed these words in his televised address to the nation. He asked the prime minister to step down as he had lost morale authority to rule this country.

He further said, the Panama episode has opened a window of opportunity for the people of Pakistan to change the dimension of this country. “I appeal to all Pakistanis to seize this opportunity for the betterment of this country’.
He once again called for setting up a commissioner under the supervision of Chief Justice of Supreme Court. He said on April 24 he will announce new course of action against government if the commission was not formed till then.
He further said, it was power of the people that forced the sitting prime minister to resign. Likewise people in Britain have also started movement against Prime Minister David Cameron.
Imran Khan further said it is high time that we waged Jehad against corruption and injustices in order to save this country. He quoted various examples from Quran also to support his point of view that society cannot progress until and unless an efficient justice system is introduced.
He talked about Prime Minister’s address to the nation adding the prime minister had not right to talk about his family matters on the state owned TV which is run by public money.
“ I, being the head of second largest party of Pakistan too had a right to address nation on the national TV however I was not allowed therefore I decided to rake this course”, he added.
Imran Khan also criticized PTV for not airing his speech in the National Assembly adding the ministers instead appeared on the national hook-up and leveled charges against him and Shuakat Khanum hospital.
He also came heavily on Sharif family for having offshore companies. He accused the family siphoned off money illegally in order to establish these companies. He called upon the election commission also to take cognizance of the matter.
Imran Khan also cited some references from the affidavit submitted by Ishaq Dar in the Supreme Court of Pakistan in which he had given details of money laundering.
He said tax net needs to be improved. For the moment Pakistan is among those countries where tax collection ratio is at the lowest level. “If we are able to collect tax we can surely become a self reliant country”.
He said the ordinary people were leading an extremely life due to price hike and lack of justice. Similarly a farmers of Pakistan were also facing serious situation as nobody had ever tried to improve their lot.
Imran Khan also talked about the drop-out ratio of children from schools and censured the government for not taking adequate steps to improve the education standard in Pakistan.

Poverty ratio is also increasing day by day while a majority of people have not access to clean drinking water. Hundreds of people have already died in Thar due to lack of food and water, but unfortunately no government is taking any steps to overcome this crisis.-DNA

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