Saturday, April 13, 2024
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Heatwave in Karachi kills eight animals at zoo

KARACHI: The recent intense heat wave, which claimed over 1,100 human lives, in Karachi also killed eight animals at city’s zoological garden.

The Karachi zoo had also declared an emergency as zoologists and veterinary doctors in the zoo increased their working hours, but to no avail.

The animals died due to heat wave include a fallow deer, two green monkeys and peacocks each, a brown monkey and one hyena.

Sources told that poor upkeep of zoo and its inmates have resulted death of animals due to heatwave. Lack of training of the zoo staff is also one of the reasons contributing to harsh living conditions of the animals.

It is learnt that the zoo administration earns a hefty amount, but only a small chunk is spent on animals and their safety.

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