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Govt to introduce special package of 11 billion for farmers

LAHORE, Jan 25 (DNA): Provincial Minister for Agriculture Dr. Farrukh Javed has said that a Special Package of 11 billion rupees is under consideration for the farmers of Citrus for providing them sophisticated machinery.

It will help them in maximizing their yield and Pakistan’s export will increase resultantly, he added. He said that Punjab is producing 19 Lakh metric ton of citrus annually out of which more than 50 percent comes from Sargodha district.

He said that we exported around 3.5 lakh metric ton citrus last year. The minister stressed that the increase in production and exports is essential for stability and growth of the economy.

Minister for Agriculture was presiding over a departmental meeting after visiting various citrus farms in Sargodha. Director General Agriculture Extension, Dr. Anjum Ali, Director Citrus research Institute Altaf ur Rehman and other officers of concerned departments were present in the meeting.

The Minister stressed that all possible measures to be taken for increase in Citrus production and exports. He was briefed that 17% of the total national fruit production is born in Sargodha.

However, Sargodha has a share of 45 % in terms of national fruit exports. On Every year 10 to 13 lakh ton high quality citrus is produced in Sargodha. Its yield can further be increased through attracting farmers to the use of modern technologies.

Minister of Agriculture Dr Farrukh Javed said the government is working hard for providing standard and certified seed to the farmers. He said that government is a considering introducing a special package of 11 billion rupees for the farmers of Citrus for providing them sophisticated machinery on subsidy.

Director CRI Altaf ur Rehman said in his briefing that out of total twelve lakh acre cultivated land of Sargodha, more than 2.3 lakh acre is given to citrus. He said that the institute provides full guidance to farmers regarding latest technologies, potential diseases, seed supply and room for access to the international market for citrus exports.

We provide low cost seed of citrus to the farmers and over teams are always on farmers’ doorstep for guidance and cooperation. He added that to increase the spirit of competition and having maximum yield according to international standards, the department under the guidance of federal ministry of food security, launching a competition among citrus farmers. Top three farmers in terms of international standard yield will be awarded prizes. DNA


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