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Extraordinary joint Arab-Islamic Summit on Gaza castigates Israeli brutality

Extraordinary joint Arab-Islamic Summit on Gaza castigates Israeli brutality

RIYADH, Nov 11 (DNA): The leaders of the Arab and Islamic countries in
unanimous show of solidarity with the Palestinian people bracing the
brutal onslaught of Israel’s aggression for the last five weeks in Gaza,
on Saturday strongly condemned the ongoing killing of about 11,000
civilians, besides, called for an immediate solution to the issue and
end to the humanitarian crises.

Caretaker Prime Minister of Pakistan Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar is among the
other Muslim world leaders attending the summit. He is representing
Pakistan at the summit.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is hosting a Joint Arab Islamic Extraordinary
Summit, which brings together leaders from the Arab and Islamic world to
discuss the current worsening situation in Gaza and the future strategy.

Addressing the summit, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said the
Palestinian people have been facing the most heinous and ferocious
Israeli aggression. He said we need international protection for our
unarmed Palestinian people.

The Palestinian President said Israel has been violating international
laws and breached all red lines. He said we are the rightful owners of
Jerusalem and holy sites.

Mahmoud Abbas reiterated that Gaza strip is part and parcel of the State
of Palestine and diplomatic solution must be inclusive of all
Palestinian territories including Gaza, Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Mahmoud Abbass thanked the Saudi leadership and that of other Muslim
countries for their support and solidarity with the Palestinian people
at this hour.

In his opening remarks, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said the
Kingdom holds the Israeli occupation responsible for the crimes
committed against the Palestinians, reiterating calls for an immediate
ceasefire in Gaza.

The Saudi Crown Prince stressed the Kingdom’s unequivocal rejection of
the continued Israeli aggression in Gaza and the forced displacement of

He pointed to the double standards in applying the international
humanitarian law, condemning the international community’s silence
towards the violations against the Palestinian civilians.

The Crown Prince called for a coordinated and collective effort among
Arab and Islamic states to take effective action to lift the siege and
deliver humanitarian and relief aid into Gaza.

Mohammad Bin Salman said a Palestinian state must be established on the
1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital.

President of Iran Ebrahim Raisi, in his address, said that today,
Palestine was the key to the dignity of the humanity as the worst crimes
were being witnessed by the people in the history of the world.

He stressed that entire Islamic world should be united to sort out the
problem, adding that the OIC should play an important role in forging
unity among the Muslim countries.

The Iranian president said the Zionist regime was on carnage and
destruction drive in Gaza which was nothing but “brutality’ and mockery
of the international laws. The Gaza had been the biggest prison in the

All kind of banned arsenal and weapons were being used against Gazans
which resulted in deaths of 11,000 defenceless civilians in the five
weeks of Israeli barbaric aggression, he added.

President Raisi called for an end to the killing of civilians and
opening of humanitarian corridor.

President of Egypt Abdel Fattah el-Sisi denounced the perception of the
collective punishment by killings, laying siege and forcible
displacement of the Palestinians were unacceptable.

“This cannot be interpreted as self-defence and must be stopped
immediately,” he added.

President of Turkiye Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim
bin Hamad Al Thani, in their remarks, urged the international community
to immediately act to end the Palestinian crises and stop Israel from
continuing with its aggression.

Israel launched relentless and indiscriminate air and ground assaults on
the Gaza Strip including hospitals, residences, and houses of worship
after October 7.

According to official figures, so far at least 11,078 Palestinians had
been killed, including 4,506 children and 3,027 women.

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