Thursday, August 18, 2022
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EU expects Israel to offer political solution to end decades-long conflict with Palestine

The European Union expects Israel to end its conflict with Palestine within the framework of a two-state solution and notes that Israel‘s security will be ensured only in this way, the bloc’s foreign policy chief said Monday.

Pointing out that “Israel‘s security is not negotiable,” Josep Borrell said after an EU Foreign Affairs Council meeting that “at the same time, we expect Israel to offer a political perspective to end the conflict. To find a solution with the Palestinians can only contribute to Israel’s security.”

Regarding the ongoing situation in Afghanistan, Borrell said “the fighting is having a grave impact on civilians.”

“The ministers, unanimously, have urged the Taliban to engage in substantive peace negotiations,” he added.

He also called on regional actors to contribute to the Afghan peace process.

Since US President Joe Biden announced an exit plan from Afghanistan in May, the Taliban have captured over 150 districts in the war-weary country.

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