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China tops Pakistan imports list in five months of FY20


China remained at the top in the list of Pakistan imports with total USD 4025.177 million during first five months of the current fiscal year FY20 followed by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Singapore.


During the month of November last year, the total imports by Pakistan from China witnessed a negative growth of 5.49 percent as compared to imports worth USD 4259.085 million in the same time last year, according to the data issued by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP).


From the UAE, Pakistan imported goods worth USD 3070.454 million as compared to the imports of USD 4300.905 million last year, showing a decline of 28.60 percent.


Singapore was at third as Pakistan imported products worth USD 917.708 million as compared to USD 771.262 million last year, showing a decrease of 48.18 percent, the data read.


During first month of FY 20, among other countries, Pakistan’s imports from Qatar stood at USD 794.654 million against USD 786.815 million last year, showing a nominal increase of 0.99 percent while imports from the U.S. were recorded at USD 729.167 million as compared to USD 747.560 million last year, showing a decrease of 2.46 percent.


The imports from Saudi Arabia were recorded at USD 622.855 million against USD 1309.231 million whereas imports from Japan were recorded at USD 519.089 million as compared to USD 680.868 million last year.


During the period under review, the imports from Indonesia were recorded at USD 425.935 million against USD 495.532 million, whereas imports from Kuwait stood at USD 422.371 million against USD 484.566 million.


Pakistan’s imports from Malaysia were USD 392.199 million against USD 443.824 million whereas imports from Germany stood at USD 389.059 million against USD 452.929 million in the same period of last year, the data revealed.


Similarly, the imports from Thailand during the period were recorded at USD 375.100 million against USD 484.313 million while imports from South Africa stood at USD 339.823 million against USD 295.634.


The imports from Hong Kong were recorded at USD 291.769 million during the financial year as compared to USD 352.054 million last year, whereas imports from South Korea stood at USD 290.545 million against USD 336.995 million.

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