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China, Pakistan relations Take a new turn



The new premises of the Chinese embassy was inaugurated on June 16, 2016. The Ambassador of China delivered a speech on the occasion. Here is the text of the speech.Today, we have a joyous gathering to witness the official launching of the New Compound of Chinese Embassy in Pakistan. It is our great honor to have H.E. Mr. Sadar Ayaz Sadiq, H.E.Mr. Mian Shabaz Sharif, H.E. Mr. Ahsan Iqbal, H.E. Mr. Khawaja Muhammad Asif, H.E. Mr. Pervaiz Rashid, H.E. Mr. Sikandar Hyat Khan Bosan, H.E. Mr. Abdul Quadir Baloch, H.E. Mr. Syed Tariq Fatemi, distinguished political party leaders, dear friends from all walks of life, the diplomatic corps and the representatives of Chinese institutions and nationals here to grace this function, and share the joy of moving to new home.On behalf of the Chinese Embassy, I would like to extend my warm welcome toall the distinguished guests!
Perhaps the first impression you have is that it is a big piece of land. Yes. The New Compound is now the largest one by land area among all Chinese embassies in the world. The New Compound is backed by the grand Margalla Mountain in the north and faces Rawal Lake in the south, which brings us a broad view of a magnificent and diversified landscape. We must express our sincere thanks to the Pakistani Government to provide such a space for the Chinese Embassy Compound, and it is the new reflection of the China-Pakistan friendship.
Besides, I hope you could also enjoy the beauty of this Compound.The design of the New Compound originated the typical Huizhou architecture style, one of the major traditional Chinese architecture schools. On the overall layout, the New Compound takes the advantage of the background mountains and stands in harmony with the surroundings. On the visual effect, it is simple and plain with dark blue tiles and white walls. On the space utilization, it is rationally distributed with rhythm.On the interior decoration, it is inclusive and full of cultural heritages. Overall, it is gracious yet cordial, grand yet delicate. It can be regarded asthe combination of traditional Chinese culture and modern design. The New Compound will serve as a window and platform for all our friends to have a better understanding of the Chinese culture and civilization.
The completion and launching of the New Compound is testimony to the all-weather friendship between China and Pakistan. In 2008, the Pakistani government decided to provide the first piece of land of the new diplomatic enclave in Islamabad to the Chinese Embassy for the construction of the New Compound. The Chinese Embassy also decided to return the land, premises and ancillary facilities of the original compound to the Pakistani government. This arrangement is based on the principle of reciprocity and conforms to the tradition of close friendshipbetween China and Pakistan.
Today, I am glad to say thaton the approval of the Pakistani government, the permanent address of the New Compound of the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan will be“No. 1, Zhou Enlai Road, Diplomatic Enclave (Extension), Islamabad”. Premier Zhou Enlai is the founder of China-Pakistan friendship. Heis also the great Chinese leader who has been deeply loved by peoples of our two countries. We feel very proud to have the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan located on the road named after our beloved leader.
On this joyful occasion, we cannot help but recall those from our two countries who devote themselves to the China-Pakistan cooperation. As a Chinese saying goes, “the previous generation plants the trees, the following generationsenjoy the shade”. This is exactly what we can learn from the construction of the New Compound.
The construction of the New Compound takesalmost three years, during which we have always enjoyed the assistance and support from the Governments of both countries and people from all walks of life. In February of this year, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi raised the Chinese National Flag at this new compound for the first time. China’s former Ambassadors to Pakistan H.E. Zhang Chunxiang, H.E. Luo ZhaoHui, H.E. Liu Jian and all the other Chinese diplomats who have served in this Embassy spared no efforts for thesite selection, design and construction of the New Compound. Engineers, designers and workers strived hard for the best quality of the project. Many Pakistani friends also provided precious support and assistance in the construction of the New Compound. The Foreign Ministry, Capital Development Authority, police and other relevant departments from Pakistan provided full support for the construction, operation and security of the New Compound. I’d like to take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt gratitude and high respect to both Governments and all those who made contribution to this project!
As Chinese saying goes,”Patience wears out stones.”The construction of the new compound shows that perseverance will be eventuallypaid off.The New Compound was just a piece of blueprint years ago, but after continued efforts, it is now turned into reality. I think that is also true with the development of China-Pakistan relationship.
This year, Chinese President Xi Jinping paid a successful state visit toPakistan. The two leaders made the plan for the future direction of China-Pakistan relationship together. Now, the China-Pakistan substantive cooperation is in full swing and the construction of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor maintains a good momentum.
The CPEC, as a significant part of the Belt and Road Initiative, is based on the principles of broad consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits. It is a corridor that covers Pakistan and benefits the Pakistani people. It is a corridor that combines the complementarities of both countries for win-wincooperation and common development. It is a corridor that will help strengthen regional connectivity and promote peace,stability and development. China is ready to makejoint efforts with Pakistan in planning and constructing the CPEC, so as to deepen our all-weather friendship and all-roundcooperation and build up the China-Pakistan Community of Shared Destiny.
The China-Pakistan relationship is now faced with historical opportunities. We share the same dream of achieving economic growth, social progress, people’s well-being and national peace and prosperity. We are glad to see that under the leadership of the Pakistani Government and with the joint efforts of the people from all walks of life, Pakistan has made remarkable achievements. We are fully confident that the future of China-Pakistan relationship is broad and bright. We’d like to work with Pakistan with unremitting efforts, to translate the grand blueprint formulated by our leaders and our shared dreams into reality in the years to come.
The launching of the New Compound of the Chinese Embassy will become a new icon of the China-Pakistan friendship. While enjoying the “shade” created by our predecessors, we should also endeavor to plant more trees for our future generations. Looking forward, my colleagues and I will make all the efforts to promote and deepen the friendship and cooperation between our two countries. The gate of the Chinese Embassy will be always open to all Pakistani friends as well as friends from all over the world!
Mr. Sun Weidong is the ambassador of People’s Republic of China to Pakistan. He delivered this speech on the occasion of opening of new embassy premises.

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