Monday, October 2, 2023
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CDA starts inquiry against corrupt officers, workers


ISLAMABAD, MAY 28: Administration of Capital Development Authority (CDA) took a big step against the corrupt officers and workers of the department here on Friday.

On the charges of corruption, misconduct, and fake degrees one officer of grade 18 has been dismissed and a number of other officers and employees were given various punishments including demotion, holding the increments, and others. Promotion without attesting the educational certificates has been banned. Directions have been issued for the completion of different ongoing inquiries within the time period of one month.

CDA administration said that there will be no compromise for those who would be involved in corruption. Inquiries against officers and employees should be completed within one month. Action will be taken against other corrupt officers soon. 18 officers and employees have been given the major penalty, administration added.

A grade 18 officer has been dismissed from job for doing corruption. 11 officers have been fired for no attestation of the educational certificates. 15 other employees have been given different punishments. The officers who are facing inquiries currently include 3 grade 18 officers, 4 grade 17 officers, 8 grade 16, 03 employees of grade 14, 08 officials of grade 11, 2 employees of grade 09, 01 of grade 07, and 01 employee of grade 5.=DNA


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