Friday, September 22, 2023
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Bulgarian envoy expresses commitment to strengthening bilateral relations with Pakistan

ISLAMABAD, JUN 7 /DNA/ – Bulgaria Ambassador to Pakistan Irena Gancheva on Wednesday expressed her commitment to strengthening bilateral relations between Bulgaria and Pakistan through a program of cooperation in the field of culture.

While the opening of a photo exhibition of Bulgarian sites on the UNESCO world heritage list organized with the support of the State Institute for culture to the Ministry of Foreign Aaffairs of Bulgaria she said, ” In today’s interconnected world, faced with numerous challenges, the role of culture in foreign policy and international relations is increasing as it successfully serves as a core instrument for building bridges of mutual understanding, trust and friendship.”

She said, “by promoting the cultural heritage of our own countries, while at the same time respecting the cultural diversity across the globe, we can contribute not only to enhancing dialogue and cooperation but also to addressing some of the most pressing issues of our time such as climate change, social inequalities, conflicts and many more”

She said Bulgaria is committed to working together with Pakistan towards strengthening and expanding traditionally good relations in areas of mutual interest, recognizing the importance of culture of exchange.

The ambassador said, “Our two countries have already finalized the text of a program for cooperation in the field of culture, which we hope will design very soon, thus paving the way for various collateral activities.”

|”We admire the rich, historical and cultural heritage of Pakistan and its diverse and breathtaking nature, and look forward to exploring more avenues for establishing successful partnerships in joint research and publications, exchange of knowledge and information, and different forms of collaboration in art, literature, archeology, and history with the participation of the competent institutions of the two countries”, she added.

While sharing information about Bulgarian sites including the UNESCO list of World Heritage, she said, being at the crossroads between Europe and Asia, Bulgaria is rich in history and culture.

“Every civilization that inhabited our lands has left its mark – the Thracians, the Ancient Greeks, the Romans, the Byzantines, and the Ottomans in addition to the Bulgars (ians) she added.

She said, despite the relatively small territory, Bulgaria is proud to have ten sites on the UNESCO World Heritage list, seven cultural and three natural. He said, that two of the cultural sites belonging to the Thracian period including Tomb of Kazanlak situated in the co-called valley of  the Thracian Kings, which is a stunning example of Thracian painting art from the end of 4th century BC the second site he said, is the 3rd century BC Thracian Tomb of Sveshtari, located in northern Bulgaria which is decorated with the unique stone carvings  

Secretary for National Heritage and Culture, Farina Mazhar, also expressed the Pakistani government’s commitment to enhancing bilateral relations with Bulgaria. She mentioned that the National Heritage and Culture Division of Pakistan will continue its efforts to deepen cultural ties and enhance people-to-people contact between the two countries, bringing them closer together.

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