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Bilawal slams PMLN for wreckage on heritage 

KARACHI, Feb 01 (DNA): Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari while expressing solidarity with the people of Lahore who are being uprooted from their ancestral abodes, businesses and shops to pave the way for controversial Orange Metro Line already opposed by the experts of United Nations Human Rights Council said this.

In a statement issued Monday, Bilawal said that the PML-N is bent upon to crush the protests of the people of Lahore who homes, shops and businesses are being ruthlessly demolished and heritage of the historic city is being raised to ground for providing luxuries to the rulers of Punjab.

 “PPP leaders and workers have already joined with the victims of Orange Line to launch protest against the inhuman activities of the demolition squads of Nawaz Sharif and his family,” he said and directed the party workers and Jiayalas to stand by the affectees and save their ancestral homes, businesses and shops.

PPP Chairman urged the party workers to support the just struggle of the Orange Metro Line victims to protect the heritage of Lahore and livelihood of thousands of the citizens, which are being wiped out by Sharif bulldozers and excavators.

Bilawal also condemned the Nawaz government for eating up the profit of international oil price reduction instead of trickling down the relief to the consumers in the country.

He said that POL prices should not be more than Rs.45 per liter looking at the decrease in international prices.

PPP Chairman rejected the newly-announced POL prices by the PML-N government and asked his party to raise the issues of Orange Metro Line and POL prices in their respective legislatures for safeguarding the victims and also providing adequate relief to the people as per same ratio in the international market.

He said PPP won’t allow Sharif brothers to fleece the public and rights of consumers shall be protected at every cost because the Party was formed to safeguard the rights of common and downtrodden people and its struggle for their cause shall continue without any break.  DNA

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