Friday, September 29, 2023
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Attock Police arrested blackmailer

ATTOCK (JAN-14): /DNA/ – Attock Police arrested a blackmailer on Saturday on the charges of  allegedly raping a woman and filming her naked  on gun point besides posing threats of releasing her porn videos through social media if she refused to fulfill his lust.

The investigation officer Mehboob Khan told that the victim- a resident of Kasran has reported to Pindigheb Police that Adeel Idrees few weeks ago has took her to his house where he raped her and filmed her naked during the rape on gun point.

The Investigation Officer further said that the victim has also told the police that the accused  also pressurized and blackmailed herto keep the illicit relations failing which he would  make viral her obscene  videos on social media. The Police registered a case against the blackmailer and started further investigation, accordingly.

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