Sunday, September 25, 2022
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5 suspects arrested in wedding ceremony

Jhelum (Kamran Gujjar) – In the light of orders of Rana Tahir Rehman khan district police officer Jhelum, Jhelum police issued a crackdown against anti-enemy elements  5 suspects were arrested in the wedding ceremony
As per specification policy, chief police arrested 5 suspects (1) Sulaiman Akhtar, son of Mohammad Yousuf Sakin Jada Jhelum (2) Adnan Khan, son of Akhtar Ahmed Sakin Sarai Alamgir (3) Naeem Mahmood, son of Mohammad Liaqat Sakin, Kohala Sohawa (4) Imran Khan, son of khan, was arrested in the private marriage hall. According to the details, when the police arrived at the spot, the accused killed the police party While firing, the resistance on which the accused arrested and arrested the accused, recovered the 2-digit Kalashnikov, 1-digit rifle 223 bore rounds and filed cases against the accused.
The suspects continue to investigate further 

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