Monday, October 2, 2023
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27 Brigadiers promoted to the rank of Major General

RALWAPINDI: The selection board of Pakistan Army has approved promotion of 27 brigadiers to the rank of major general.

A meeting of the board was held here at the GHQ on Thursday with Chief of the Army Staff General Raheel Sharif in the chair.

According to a list issued by the ISPR, the officers recommended for promotion to the rank of major general are Brigadier Muhammad Arif, Brigadier Muhammad Zafar Iqbal, Brigadier Ali Amir Awan, Brigadier Asif Ghafoor, Brigadier Muhammad Ali, Brigadier Azhar Rashid, Brigadier Saeed Akhter, Brigadier Nadeem Ahmed Anjum, Brigadier Khalid Javed, Brigadier Khalid Zia, Brigadier Amjad Ali Khan, Brigadier Abid Latif Khan, Brigadier Muhammad Saeed, Brigadier Akhtar Nawaz, Brigadier Sardar Hassan Azhar Hayat, Brigadier Muhammad Raza Jalil, Brigadier Saqib Mahmood Malik, Brigadier Muhammad Imtiaz Khan, Brigadier Amer Nadeem.

Eight of the officers promoted to major general are part of the Army Medical Corps, these include Brigadier Tariq Hussain, Brigadier Khawar Rehman, Brigadier Ammar Raza, Brigadier Safdar Abbass, Brigadier Sohail Aziz, Brigadier Aslam Khan, Brigadier Saleem Ahmed Khan and Brigadier Waseem Ahmed.


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