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Tuesday, September 26th, 2023


Shaheen meets Italian Ambassador to Afghanistan

Shaheen meets Italian Ambassador to Afghanistan

DOHA: IEA’s Permanent Representative to UN, and head of Political Office in Doha Suhail Shaheen met with the Ambassador of Italy to Afghanistan and her accompanying delegation Natalia Quintavalle, he said on his Twitter page the other day. The meeting discussed the current situation of the country including, IEA’s achievements in the field of narcotics, treatment of drug addicts, education, development projects, investment, poverty reduction, etc, he said in his Twitter. “The Islamic Emirate has always been committed to expanding and speeding up its efforts towards eradication of narcotics inRead More

Hashoo Group: Leading the way in sustainable tourism: CEO

Hashoo Group: Leading the way in sustainable tourism: CEO

Deputy Chairman & CEO, Hashoo Group, Murtaza Hashwani, on World Tourism Day. A COMMITMENT TO A GREENER FUTURE, SUSTAINABLE HOSPITALITY & TOURISM IN PAKISTAN. ISLAMABAD – SEPT 26: /DNA/ – Pakistan’s hospitality & tourism industry is poised for a remarkable transformation. From the enchanting northern valleys to the historical treasures in the south, our nation offers a diverse tapestry of experiences for travellers. As we celebrate World Tourism Day 2023 under the theme “Tourism and Green Investment,” it is an opportune moment to reaffirm our collective dedication to sustainable andRead More

Federal Cabinet okays plan to repatriate 1.1m illegal Afghan nationals

Federal Cabinet

ISLAMABAD, SEP 26 (DNA) — The caretaker federal cabinet has okayed sending over 1.1 million Afghan nationals back to Afghanistan who are residing illegally in Pakistan. A decision to this effect was taken by a meeting of the caretaker cabinet held in Islamabad on Tuesday.  The decision comes in the wake of mounting concerns over the involvement of some of these individuals in various illicit activities, including terrorism, currency smuggling, and the illegal trade of essential commodities such as sugar and fertilizer. The illegally staying Afghan citizens have also beenRead More

PTI Chairman Imran Khan transferred to Adiala Jail


ISLAMABAD, Sep 26 (DNA): Islamabad Police took PTI Chairman Imran Khan from Attock Jail to Adiala Jail on Tuesday, following the orders of the Islamabad High Court. The police convoy consisted of 15 vehicles, including two armoured vehicles and one ambulance with doctors and paramedical staff. The transfer was carried out under strict security measures to ensure the safety of the PTI chairman, who is facing charges of terrorism on May 9 and corruption. Imran Khan is shifted to Adiala Jail from Attock Jail on the orders of Islamabad HighRead More

Good news for Hajj pilgrims


ISLAMABAD, SEP 26 (DNA) — The caretaker government has prepared the Hajj policy 2024 which have some good news for Pakistan Hajj pilgrims. The Caretaker Minister for Religious Affairs Aneeq Ahmed said in a statement that the federal cabinet will approve the Hajj policy within 10 days as the delay in approval of the Hajj policy resulted in several problems. He said that the policy also includes 40 days and short-duration Hajj. Pakistan Hajj pilgrims will not get lost now as the ministry will provide them with two suitcases withRead More

Pakistan firmly rejects recognition of Israel: Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi

Pakistan firmly rejects recognition of Israel: Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi

LAHORE, /DNA/ – Pakistan is not recognizing Israel. Pakistan and Saudi Arabia will only accept  solutions to the Palestine and Kashmir, which will be accepted by  Palestinians and Kashmiris, said Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi, Chairman Pakistan Ulema Council, President International Interfaith Harmony Council. While addressing a press conference here on Tuesday in Lahore, Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi said that the establishment of an independent Palestinian state is near.  Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi also announced that leaders of all the religions and religious sects have been invited toRead More