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Sunday, August 7th, 2016


Nisar directs preparation of framework about immigration

Ch Nisar meeting on immigration

ISLAMABAD, AUG 07 (DNA): Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has directed Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to prepare a new policy framework about immigration to avoid issuance of visa to a blacklisted foreigner. He was chairing a meeting about immigration and issuance of visas to foreigners in Islamabad on Sunday. The meeting, which reviewed the matter of issuance of visa to American national Mathew Barrett despite being blacklisted, developed an understanding that no Pakistani embassy should issue visa to a foreigner without permission from the interior ministry. He was inRead More

Imran Khan says Ehtesab rally is just a trailer

Islamabad march

PESHAWAR, AUG 07 (DNA): Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan Sunday spearheaded his party’s anti-corruption rally in Peshawar where he was joined by thousands of supporters. The rally is aimed at pressing the ruling PML-N to take measures for an end to corruption and establish system of accountability in state institutions. The rally is also part of the opposition’s efforts to press the government to launch probe into Panama Leaks, which involved offshore holdings of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s family. “This is just the beginning, this is just a trailer.Read More

PML-N protestors halt PTI rally in Kohat

PTi rally

PESHAWAR, AUG 07 (DNA): Protesters belonging to Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) on Sunday stopped Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s Ehtesab rally from heading to Attock from Peshawar. According to sources, PTI workers from across the KP and FATA gathered in Peshawar to begin their Tehreek-e-Ehtesab rally towards Attock. However, when they reached Kohat a large number of protestors belonging to PML-N were on roads. The workers, burning tyres on roads at four different points, came face to face with participants of PTI rally, compelling Khan’s supporters to change their route. PML-N supporters wereRead More

Punjab gov’t to build new district jail for prisoners

new jail in Rwp

RAWALPINDI, August 07 (DNA): The Punjab government will build a new district jail with adequate space to accommodate nearly 3, 000 prisoners. The government has issued directives to the officials of Adiala Jail to search for a piece of land measuring 800 square meters. According to sources, the Adiala Jail is over populated with at least 3, 000 prisoners detained inside the prison which is past the lodging space of the premises. Additionally the number of captives is increasing day by day. Keeping in view the dreadful condition of theRead More

Kandahar police chief bans Pakistani Rupees in southern Afghan province

Kandahar police chief bans Pakistani Rupees

KANDAHAR: A senior Afghan police official regarded as one of the country’s most powerful men has banned the use of Pakistani Rupees (PKR) in the key southern province of Kandahar. The police chief of Kandahar, Gen. Abdul Raziq, said he has declared the use of PKR in business transactions a crime. But he says he hasn’t yet decided on the punishment. The rupee has been widely used in Afghanistan’s eastern and southern provinces bordering Pakistan. The Iranian currency is used in the western border provinces. “I’m not against business, butRead More

French gymnast’s horrific leg break chills gymnastics arena at Rio

French gymnast's horrific leg break chills gymnastics

RIO DE JANEIRO: French gymnast Samir Ait Said landed awkwardly on a vault, and a sickening snap echoed throughout the arena. A split second later, he was clutching his contorted left leg, his tibia fractured and his Olympics over. Said was trying to fly over the vault and complete two backflips in a pike at men’s qualifying Saturday. The injury highlighted the dangers of a sport that steps into the world’s spotlight every four years and led some to question if the current scoring system is making gymnasts push themselvesRead More