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Punjab gov’t to build new district jail for prisoners

new jail in Rwp

RAWALPINDI, August 07 (DNA): The Punjab government will build a new district jail with adequate space to accommodate nearly 3, 000 prisoners.

The government has issued directives to the officials of Adiala Jail to search for a piece of land measuring 800 square meters.

According to sources, the Adiala Jail is over populated with at least 3, 000 prisoners detained inside the prison which is past the lodging space of the premises. Additionally the number of captives is increasing day by day.

Keeping in view the dreadful condition of the crowded cells, the prison officials put together recommendations and sent them to Punjab government seeking immediate assistance.

The Punjab government has expressed grave concern over the situation and issued written instructions to Adiala Jail officials to search an 800 square meters piece of land where a separate prison will be established to shift excessive inmates.

An earthquake resistant structure will be built for the new jail which will cost millions of rupees, sources said.

After completion of construction work of the new district jail, 2, 000 prisoners will be shifted from Adiala jail.

The newly constructed district jail will also comprise of separate cells for convict women and children.

Deputy Inspector General (DIG) prisons Rawalpindi Region, Mirza Shahid Saleem Baig has said that officials of Adiala Jail are searching for appropriate land to establish a new district jail. The Punjab government will be informed after they have searched the required land, he added. =DNA

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