Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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Youngster kills four family members before burying them in water tank

In a gruesome act, a youngster killed four members of his family and hid the bodies inside the water tank of his residence, only to be found by police after the suspect’s brother lodged a complaint regarding missing family.

The incident occurred in the Malda district of West Bengal where a 19-year old boy killed four of his own family members.

The accused, Asif Mehbub (19) was later arrested by the local police after his brother lodged a complaint regarding missing family with the police.

Initial police reports suggest that Asif killed his father Jawad Ali, mother Ira Bibi, sister Arifa Khatun and grandmother Alekjan Khantun and then buried their bodies in a water tank.

Police officials said that the police started investigating the matter following the complaint lodged by Asif’s elder brother, Arif (21), who alleged that his family members were missing since February this year and his younger brother had killed four of his family members and had hidden the bodies somewhere.

Arif also alleged that his brother also tried to eliminate him, but he somehow escaped.

Following the complaint, the police arrested Asif and during the interrogation, Asif confessed his guilt and identified the water tank where he hid the bodies.

The neighbours also told the police that Asif used to avoid their questions whenever they tried to check the whereabouts of the victims. “Even Asif himself went missing in the meantime for some days.”

As per initial information collected by them, Asif used to lead an extremely lavish lifestyle for which he often demanded money from his father, who was a local businessman.

“Even his father had to sell the property to provide money to Asif,” an official investigating the matter said.

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