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World ignoring Indian terror threats to Pakistan, says Kamran Khan

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KARACHI, FEB 18, (DNA) –  Ceaseless threats of performing terror acts inside Pakistan’s terriroty from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his aides have gone unnoticed, stated anchorperson Kamran Khan.

While showing videos in which Modi and other prominent Indian policians and military officers are vehemently threatening Pakistan with reckless statements, Khan says terror threats from Indian leadership are not secret anymore.

He also shows a video in which former chief of Indian army General Bikram Singh confessed to performing terrorism in Pakistan.

India is encountering seven active freedom movements including Kashmir. Strategists in New Delhi know that Kashmir is slipping from their hands.

So, for diverting world’s attention from atrocities in the occupied valley, India is sponsoring and performing terror acts in Islamabad.

When Kamran Khan asked about Pakistan’s counter measures, defence analyst Air Marshal (retd) Riazuddin Shaikh said that Pakistan should categorically examine Indian intentions.

“India wants internal chaos in Pakistan. They are aiming to create chaos through your internal security and hurt the country’s economy in any possible way. India is trying to isolate Pakistan at international level,” he said.

“Being aware of the fact that Pakistan is a nuclear state, India can’t afford a direct war. So, in order to gain its wicked desires, New Delhi is spreading internal strife’, narrated Riazuddin.

He further highlighted that individuals can be bought in a corrupt society, so corruption should be curbed to defeat India’s intentions.=DNA


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