Friday, June 9, 2023
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“Workshop on Promotion of Islamic Countries Common Market and Exchange Project” at Ankara

Islamabad, AUG 17 /DNA/ – “Workshop on the Promotion and Development of the Islamic Countries Common Market and Exchange Project”, which was held with the contributions of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, Economic and Commercial Cooperation Standing Committee (COMCEC), OIC Research and Training Center (SESRIC) and Ankara Commodity Exchange (ATB) in Ankara.

In the workshop where the steps taken within the scope of the project, which envisages the establishment of a database, information network and web page among small-scale enterprises, family farmers and cooperatives in OIC member countries, the promotion and development of the web portal ( were also discussed.

Mehmet Daniş, Deputy Minister of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, shared information on trade between Islamic countries at the workshop.

Pointing out that trade has come to a more important point than production, Mr. Umar Masood Ur Rehman, Vice President Federation Of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry drew the attention of the audience to the fact that trade between Islamic countries is not enough as per existing potential which is currently at 132 billion dollar. In other words, it corresponds to 11 percent of the world’s agricultural exports. while we cover a population of 21 percent.

Stating that the e-commerce sector is growing all over the world, Umar Masood Ur Rehman said, “We also need to develop our trade in accordance with the new rules and urged on Cooperation and solidarity with the platform will increase.

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