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Unknown men stationed at FJC to kill him: Imran Khan

Unknown men stationed at FJC to kill him: Imran Khan Asks CJP to permit him to attend court hearings via video link Vows PDM’s bid to pit PTI against army won’t succeed Says PTI wants polls not anarchy States ‘Queen of liars’ acts as if she is daughter of Nelson Mandela DNA LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan came down hard on the cabal of crooks and said that there was a plan to assassinate him at Federal Judicial Complex (FJC), where he arrived to attend a hearing in the Toshakhana case, as some unknown men clad in plain shalwar kameez were stationed there to execute the plot. Imran Khan stated that he almost walked into a death trap in the Judicial Complex but Almighty Allah saved him in the nick of time. Addressing the nation here on Monday, PTI Chairman said that the manner in which police resorted to teargas shelling and pelting stones at his convoy he feared that the unknown people present at the Judicial Complex would have killed him. He said that his colleague quickly came and signaled them to escape the premises because he understood this was a trap. Imran Khan stated that the purpose of the approximately 20 men was to carry out another attempt on his life in the fashion they did in Wazirabad, as the three to four guards protecting him would have easily been pushed away. “I passed through all the obstacles to appear before the court on Saturday, because I am a law abiding citizen. However, seeing election results, their aim is to now kill me,” he said. PTI Chairman called on Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Umar Ata Bandial to take notice, as what happened with him at the FJC. He said that it was a plan and a trap to kill him and everything would be crystal clear as what their plan was when the CJP probed these unknown people. He went on to say that these thieves were scared of him because it was evident the PTI would easily crush them whenever the polls were held; hence they were hell-bent and used every kind of measure to somehow remove him from the political arena. He requested CJP Bandial to permit him to attend court hearings via video link, as he was ready to answer for every single case, adding that the accused who attacked him was presented before the court via video link but he was forced to present before the court in person despite death threats. PTI Chairman further asked the CJP to take notice of the police highhandedness, as they carried out crackdown and raids on the homes of party office-bearers and workers, adding that the PTI only had hope from the judiciary. Imran Khan said that whenever he came out of the house, his life was under threat and more cases were filed against him. He asked the CJP to see all the cases against him and explain that where he went wrong that even terrorism charges were levelled against him. The PTI Chairman said what the imported government did to him had never happened in the history of the country. “Their aim is to kill me by spreading chaos when I go out to appear before court. My life is in danger,” he said, adding that democracy was being killed and constitution was being violated. Imran Khan made it clear that even if he was imprisoned it wouldn’t affect the election results because the thieves badly exposed before the masses now. “We are collecting all evidence of the kind of violence they inflicted and will send them to international human rights organisations,” he said, adding that the European Union was being approached in this regard as well. Imran also directed the PTI’s overseas chapters to approach their local politicians and alert them about the “human rights violations” in Pakistan. He flayed cabal of thieves for calling his party workers terrorists, saying such allegations would spread hatred and divide the nation, adding that PTI was the only federal party which can keep the country united. Lashing out the PDM, Imran Khan said that these looters were creating polarisation in the society, adding that they were trying to pitch the PTI and armed forces against each other in an attempt to eliminate his party, which he said they cannot defeat in the elections. “Efforts are being made to make PTI and the army come face to face. PDM is trying hard to incite quarrel between PTI and the army as these people cannot win the elections so they want to eliminate PTI,” he added. “I want to tell all PTI that no matter what the provocation, we must protest peacefully and within the bounds of the Constitution. Otherwise, we will give these fascists reason for more violence,” he directed his workers and supporters. “I want to make it clear that this country is mine and so is the army and the crooks would not succeed in their nefarious designs come what may. I have to live and die in Pakistan,” he asserted. Imran said despite death threats he was appearing before courts as he was only concerned about the country and not afraid of death. Imran Khan said that these crooks had nothing to do with the interest of the state because they had no stake here as they stationed all their looted wealth abroad and would not hesitate to spread anarchy in the country to protect their vested political interest. PTI Chairman went on to say that his political opponents were not concerned about the country’s issues and conspiring to eliminate him to protect their vested interests. Coming down hard on Mohsin Naqvi, Imran Khan stated that he was appointed to the post not for holding elections but to banish his party. He said the imported government was creating hurdles in connection with the environment for the general elections despite the date drawing near, as the authorities were reluctant to allow them to hold jalsa at Minar-e-Pakistan. Flaying Maryam Nawaz, Imran Khan said the ‘queen of liars’ acts her father is Nelson Mandela. He said that “Law of the jungle” prevailed in the country, as the ‘queen of liars’ was above the law and dictating the authorities. Imran Khan said that fascism was on the rise, as police raided Musarat Cheema house and stayed there for two hours and even looted valuables from her homes as they did in his residence in Zaman Park, adding that Hassan Khan Niazi was arrested even after securing bail. He said that Ali Amin Gandapur was attacked while en route to D I Khan and police blamed him like they blamed me for Zille Shah’s brutal killing.

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