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Threats to Pakistani artists in India deplorable: FO spokesman

ISLAMABAD, Oct 08 (DNA): Pakistan on Thursday has maintained that the four-point initiative presented by Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif at the UN General Assembly is the way forward for reducing tension and resolution of outstanding disputes between Pakistan and India.While briefing the media in Islamabad, Foreign Office Spokesperson Qazi Khalilullah said Pakistan has never shied away from talks with New Delhi as they have always insisted for negotiations on all issues including the core dispute of Jammu and Kashmir.

He said Pakistan is ready for talks with India but pre-conditions are not acceptable.

Responding to a question, Qazi Khalilullah said the purpose of handing over dossiers to the UN Secretary General was to inform him about the Indian involvement in fomenting terrorism in Pakistan. He said that Pakistan will continue to inform the United Nations about its concerns in this regard in future as well.

When asked about the eruption of violence in India on cow-slaughtering, the foreign office spokesperson said the country which claims to be a secular state should guarantee the basic rights of minorities. Attacks on Muslims on the issue of cow slaughtering are beyond comprehension and a cause of concern for the Muslim Ummah.

Besides this he assured that Pakistan is also looking into the issue of offloading the passengers from Samjhauta Express at Wagah.

He also expressed regret that Pakistani artists were receiving threats in India and stressed that cultural exchanges are significant for better relations between the two countries.

To a question about nuclear cooperation, Qazi Khalilullah said Pakistan seeks cooperation of the international community including the US on civil nuclear energy. He said there should be non-discriminatory approach on nuclear issues including access to peaceful use of nuclear energy. He said the country is producing nuclear energy to meet its energy demands. DNA

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