Saturday, May 21, 2022
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The Rent Control Act Bill will be passed in the next joint session of Parliament : Asad

Islamabad : Federal Minister for Training and Development Asad Umar has said that next week’s joint session Parliament will approve the Law Rent Control Act for Islamabad and a long standing demand of Islamabad businessmen is resolved under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan.He expressed these views while addressing a reception organized by the PTI Traders Wing last night.

Asad Omar further said that the parking problem in Islamabad has escalated to a very alarming level and an emergency action plan would be formulated to address it. He said on the demand raised by PTI Traders Wing Islamabad Secretary General Waqar Bakhtawari regarding parking that he would try to resolve the issue by meeting a delegation of traders soon.

Asad Omar assured the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry of his full support for the establishment of an industrial zone around Islamabad and asked the leadership of the chamber to contact him in this regard.

Ali Nawaz Awan, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for CDA, said that the present government has been quite successful in improving the economy in spite of difficult economic conditions. He further said that the problems of traders would be resolved on priority basis.

Ch Nadeemuddin, President, PTI Islamabad Traders Wing, in his address on the occasion, specially thanked Asad Umar for his efforts in enforcing the Rent Control Act law.

PTI Traders Wing Islamabad Secretary General Waqar Bakhtawari while appreciating the efforts of Asad Umar, Ali Nawaz Awan and Raja Khurram Nawaz to solve the problems of traders of Islamabad said that parking is the biggest problem of Islamabad markets at present. The CDA needs to build a parking plaza and parking area on an emergency basis otherwise the markets in Islamabad may not be available for parking which may create difficulties for traders.

Besides Shakeel Munir, President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Fahim Khan, Vice President, Zahid Qureshi, President, Islamabad Small Chamber of Commerce, Kamran Abbasi, Group Leader, Ajmal Baloch, President, Anjuman-e-Tajiran and Kashif Chaudhry, President Tanzeem-e-Tajiran and The representative of most of the markets attended.

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