Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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First Sikh Ranger takes part in flag-lowering ceremony

LAHORE: A Sikh ranger participated in the traditional beating retreat ceremony at Wagah border for the first time ever.

People from both sides of the border welcomed the Sikh ranger, Amarjeet Singh, with a huge round of applause when he came for the ceremony. The surroundings filled with the sound of claps when he shook hands with the Indian ranger.

Amarjeet is a resident of Nankana Sahib. He is said to be the first person ever from the Sikh community to join the Pakistan Army. Reports say that Amarjeet joined the army in 2005 and completed training this year, after which he was included in the defence forces on the Wagah border.

Talking about his duty for Pakistan, Amarjeet said that he was proud of being a part of the Pakistan army and would be happy to lay down his life for the nation.


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