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Reverie of Highlands” by Gaynor Shaw launched at Islamabad Serena Hotel

Reverie of Highlands" by Gaynor Shaw launched at Islamabad Serena Hotel

ISLAMABAD, JUL 5 /DNA/ – Serena Hotels, under the banner of Cultural Diplomacy, hosted the book launch of “Reverie of Highlands” by Gaynor Shaw at the Islamabad Serena Hotel. The event celebrated Shaw’s journey through the northern regions of Pakistan, capturing the enchanting landscapes, vibrant culture, and resilient people through her lens as an artist and photographer. The book launch was attended by diplomats, cultural patrons, tourism enthusiasts, and members of the literary community, making it a significant cultural event.

Gaynor Shaw, the wife of former Australian High Commissioner to Pakistan Dr. Geoffrey Shaw, has artfully documented her experiences and insights in this compelling book. “Reverie of Highlands” is a tribute to the beauty and diversity of Pakistan’s northern areas, reflecting her deep connection and appreciation for the region. Former Pakistani diplomat Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry shared his impressions of the book, highlighting its significance in promoting Pakistan’s cultural heritage, followed by an inspiring speech from Shaw herself, offering insights into her journey and the creation of her book.

The event continued with Australian High Commissioner Neil Hawkins addressing the audience, emphasizing the importance of cultural exchanges and the role of such works in fostering understanding and appreciation between nations. Aziz Boolani, CEO of Serena Hotels, underscored the hotel’s commitment to supporting cultural and literary initiatives, marking the formal launch of this remarkable publication.

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