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Qureshi terms Iqbal’s statement regarding China, CPEC unfortunate, irresponsible

Says implementation of various projects shows Pakistan’s commitment to CPEC under PTI govt


ISLAMABAD, JUL 9: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Vice Chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi termed Ahsan Iqbal’s statement pertaining to China and CPEC as unfortunate and irresponsible.

Qureshi said: “The insinuation that our iron brother would interfere in our domestic affairs is baffling and insulting.”

He said that with PT, there has always been strong consensus on taking CPEC forward, and under Imran Khan’s leadership they successfully implemented the important projects, deepening Pakistan’s commitment to CPEC under the PTI government.

Qureshi revealed that Faisalabad Rashakai Industrial zones were made operational during PTI government and the Dhabaji Industrial zone was  finalised, which was under construction.

Similarly, PTI Vice Chairman said that IT Science and Technology and Agriculture – Three new joint working groups negotiated and added in second phase of CPEC.

He recalled that all power plants under construction were completed; Power generation projects were completed and added to transmission project.

Qureshi further stated that the highway construction – more kilometres completed under PTI Government, Western alignment was finalised and work was accelerated on it.

Moreover, PTI Vice Chairman said that Gawadar Industrial Zone was expanded and made operational.

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