Saturday, March 2, 2024
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PTI Sounds Alarm: Urgent ECP intervention needed for transparent elections

PTI spokesperson strongly condemns abduction of Akbar Tanoli

PTI spokesperson urges ECP to take practical steps to ensure free, fair polls

Terms CEC’s letters to caretaker govts for level playing fields insufficient

Says coercive measures, vengeful actions against PTI continue unabated

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) called upon the Chief Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to fulfill its constitutional and legal responsibilities and instantly take practical measures to ensuring providing level playing fields for the elections by putting a halt on the ongoing state coercive actions and revengeful steps against PTI and its leaders as well as workers.

PTI spokesperson termed the Chief Election Commissioner’s (CEC) letters to federal and provincial caretaker governments for ensuring providing level playing fields to political parties for the upcoming elections as inadequate because it served no purpose since no respite has been witnessed in the ongoing oppression and suppression against PTI leaders and its supporters hitherto.

He demanded that the electoral watchdog should take effective practical and tangible steps by using its constitutional and legal powers in this regard because at present the country was in the grip of the worst lawlessness and disorder as there was no regard for constitution and law of the land.

PTI spokesperson pointed that the country was under the worst constitutional and legal crises; therefore it was need of the hour to take concrete steps instead of mere writing letters to the caretaker governments because even after writing letters by the CEC’s letters, PTI was not allowed to hold peaceful political activities anywhere in the country.

He highlighted that the coverage of statements of most of the political leaders, including Imran Khan, and their press conferences were prohibited.

PTI spokesperson said that the process of enforced disappearing of the PTI leaders and workers and subsequently compelling them to part ways with PTI continued unabated, adding that the state plans to keep PTI out of the electoral race were talk of the town.

Moreover, he contended that most of the party’s leaders had been locked up without any crime and were not being released.

Therefore, PTI spokesperson stressed the need that the election body should go beyond the verbal orders and sending letters and should exercise its constitutional and legal powers and take immediate practical steps to ensure holding of free, fair and transparent elections in the country.

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