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Proclaimed offender’s return under covert deal a murder of justice: PTI spokesperson


Terms wastage of billions of rupees on reception of a certified thief an insult to nation

Says attaching hope of economic recovery to those built palaces abroad on plundered wealth a joke

ISLAMABAD, OCT 21 /DNA/ – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Spokesperson dubbed the homecoming of the convicted proclaimed offender under a covert and clandestine deal as a “murder of justice” and “humiliation of the nation”.

PTI spokesperson said that the national criminal, who should have been in jail, got bail within few minutes by trampling the justice system.

He said that the convicted fugitive was given special concession to materialize the notorious London plan, as neither any judge had any health issue nor had any urgency to go on leave.

PTI spokesperson said that fragility of our judicial system could be judged from the fact that a convicted person who escaped to London on a Rs 50 stamp paper was granted bail without court’s appearance.

However, he recalled that, contrary to it, the country’s most popular leader, implicated in nearly 200 false cases, was denied bail sans appearing in person in the court despite being injured.

PTI spokesperson contended that the mothers and daughters of the nation, who have been imprisoned in the jails for the last 4 months in fabricated and bogus cases, were looking towards honorable judges for justice against unjustified delay in the proceedings of their cases.

He called the wastage of the state resources worth billions of rupees on reception of a certified thief was an insult to the nation, adding that the warrant of the person who stole vehicles from Toshakhana was canceled without any objection.

PTI Spokesman stated that it would be a joke with the country and the nation to pin hope of economic revival from those who build properties, palaces and factories abroad with the nation looted money.

He made it clear that the person, who was responsible for the country’s economic catastrophe during his three stints of rule including the last 17-month-long devastating government, was actually a national criminal.

PTI spokesperson stated that the clique of bandits that befooled the masses for the last three tenures under false and misleading promises would not succeed in any of its new tricks this time around as the nation was well-aware now about their loot and plunder.

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