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PIDE 3rd think tank moot on Oct 5

PIDE 3rd think tank moot on Oct 5

ISLAMABAD, OCT 4 /DNA/ – In most countries, the debate on policy and reform is led by the research community, something that is missing in Pakistan so far. To fill in this gap, the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE), Islamabad, has initiated an effort to bring in all the think-tanks on a table.

It is time that the think-tanks accept the challenge and develop a reform agenda to take the country out of the current crises, on a permanent basis. The upcoming elections further necessitate the need to generate a debate on the way to take the country forward.

The third moot under this initiative is being organised by PIDE on October 5, 2023, which is to be attended by over 35 think-tanks of the country.

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