Friday, September 22, 2023
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PARC to rebuild the farming community in FATA

ISLAMABAD, DEC 20 (DNA) – Chairman, PARC Dr. Muhammad Azeem Khan, set up the project of Adaptive Research cum Demonstrative Institute (ARDI) at Kam Sarobi, Miranshah, District North Waziristan on 19 December, 2020. Including up-gradation of

PARC-AZRC, D. I. Khan, it is the fifth institution to be set up under the PSDP Mega Project (Up-gradation of Aird Zone Research Center) at a total cost of Rs 691.564 million. Within this PSDP mega project, PARC has set up five centers and four institutes.

Dr. Azeem Khan indicates FATA is an underdeveloped arid region of Pakistan with having small holder farmers, yet full of agricultural potential. To inculcate modern methods in livestock, dairy and agriculture, establishment of research institutes are important. Therefore Pakistan Agricultural  Research Council, under its PSDP projects, trying to bring scientific solutions to agricultural issues of locals farmers.

He mulls establishing of agricultural research institutes will improve the rural livelihood by producing healthy/high yielding crop varieties, sustainable livestock and income generation methods. He further said earlier the agricultural research centers/institutes established at Wana, Tank, D.I.Khan, Lakki Marwat have build on  same purpose of rural development.

Our research works will also focus on irrigation technologies in arid regions i.e. the main cause of low crop production. These steps will prove to be a corner stone in the development and uplift of FATA region.

Chairman was grateful to all the participants and particularly lauded the efforts of Project Incharge, Dr. Nauman Latif. Also Member Natural Resources, Dr. Sarfraz Ahmad, Deputy Commissioner Dolat Khan,former MNA Haaji Nazir and other high officials spoke to the participants.=DNA


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