Friday, December 1, 2023
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Pakistan Ulema Council’s declaration on the present situation in Gaza

Pakistan Ulema Council’s declaration on the present situation in Gaza

LAHORE, OCT 14 /DNA/ – That the entire Muslim world has a singular opinion on the situation in Gaza is a successful development. The people of Gaza should not be forced to leave their homes. The networking and negotiation Saudi Arabia has undertaken on the issue of Palestine is a ray of hope. The region’s scholars and clerics fully support establishing an independent State of Palestine. The United States would have to change its narrative on Gaza. The present US approach towards Gaza is against international law and human rights. We are thankful to Russia and China for their position on Gaza. The Pakistan Ulema Council Chairman gave this statement in a declaration.

It is stated in the declaration that Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi, Chairman of the Pakistan Ulema Council and President of the International Tazeem-e-Haramain Shareefain Council, is in contact with the political and regional leadership of important Islamic states. He issued the declaration after consultation with the leadership of important Muslim countries.

Israel has turned Gaza into a jail. Palestinians are continuously subjected to human rights violations. The Al Aqsa mosque is desecrated daily. In this situation, Israel is to be blamed for the retaliation of the Palestine people. The way the people of Palestine are being targeted and killed is against the international rules of war. Israel’s war madness is detrimental to the peace of the Middle East and the world. In this situation, any attempt to expel the people of Palestine from Gaza will further stoke the crisis in the region.

The Pakistan Ulema Council, after consultation with the religious scholars Sheikh Al Azhar, Sheikh Ahmed Tayyab, Turkey, Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar, Iran and other Muslim countries, is stating clearly that the terrorism meted out against the people of Gaza and Palestine cannot be tolerated, and neither is expulsion of the people of Gaza from their homes acceptable. In this situation, the role of Saudi Arabia as the head of the OIC is significant, and it is encouraging to see Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman and Saudi Foreign Minister Amber Faisal Bin Farhan reaching out to the leaders of Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait and Iran.

The time has arrived to find a final solution to the issue of Palestine. The Pakistan Ulema Council believes that under the leadership of Saudi Arabia, the Islamic World will successfully bring the world out of this problem. The humanitarian aid dispatched for the people of Palestine from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Egypt is encouraging. The entire world should turn its attention to this issue.

We demand that the Israeli attack on Gaza be stopped at the first stage. Humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza should be allowed. An independent Palestine state should be established after dialogue and negation. The Muslim world should not show any flexibility in its position on the issue of Palestine and should be united against these acts of terrorism. After the conference of the OIC and the Foreign Ministers, the leadership summit of the OIC member countries should be convened. We should help the Palestinian leadership at every level.

For further consultation, the Pakistan Ulema Council is holding the Palestine Solidarity Conference on October 18 in Islamabad, which will be attended by representatives of all religious and political parties from all schools of thought.

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