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Pakistan for Russian joining of CASA-1000

ISLAMABAD, October 05 (DNA): Pakistan has invited Russian Federation to join CASA-1000 Project for non-hydel part as there is room for transmission of electricity from October to May when the hydel generation is lower in the two central Asian countries.
Pakistan and Russia have also agreed to enter into negotiations for 600 MW gas fired power plant at Jamshoro on Russain funding.
The proposal was discussed in a meeting between Russain Deputy Minister for Energy Mr. Yuri Sentyurin and Secretary Ministry of Water and Power, Mr. Mohammad Younus Dagha on Wednesday.
While highlighting the importance of CASA-1000 project, the Secretary Ministry of Water and Power said that work has already been started on the the project. He said that the Krygzistan and Tajikistan will transmit their hydel electricity through the transmission line to Pakistan in the summer months of May to October.
However from October to April the line will be available to transmit Russian thermal electricity. He said that Russian side can take benefit of this idle period. He said that Russian joining of CASA-1000 project will also bolster regional connectivity and greater regional cooperation.
The Secretary Ministry of Water and Power Mr. Younus Dagha further elaborated that Pakistan offers excellent investment opportunities in the energy sector.
Talking about Russian investment in the 600MW gas fired power plant at Jamshoro, Mr. Younus Dagha said that the project’s feasibilities have already been conducted and PC1 is also ready. He said that since the power evacuation system already exists from the site, therefore it is one of the most viable projects where the Russian investment can be made. The project will replace the existing low efficiency capacity with higher efficiency turbine.
The Secretary said that Pakistan is looking forward to take the cooperation between the two countries to new heights.
Mr. Yuri Sentyurin thanked the Pakistani side for the warm welcome accorded to him and the delegation. He said that Russian companies have rich experience in energy sector. He said that many potential Russian companies are eager to invest in the energy sector of Pakistan.
Mr. Yuri Sentyurin welcomed the Pakistan’s proposal to join CASA-1000 project and expressed the willingness to be part of the project. He urged that Pakistan and  Russia will jointly pursue other partners of the project for this purpose.
Mr. Yuri Sentyurin also said that Russian side is eager to pursue  Jamshoro up gradation  project and is exploring ways to finance the same.
He said that cooperation between the two countries is deepening with each passing day. He expressed the confidence that given the conducive environment, Russian investors are much eager to explore the energy sector of Pakistan.

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