Saturday, April 13, 2024
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MQM leader Rashid Godail shot at in Karachi

KARACHI, AUG 18: Senior MQM leader Rashid Godail was attacked in Karachi on Tuesday. Rashid got serious injuries while his driver died on the spot. Rashid Godail is in very critical condition. According to details some unknown assailants attacked Rashid car. Due to this incident Maulana Fazal re Rehman was due to reach MQM headquarters 90 for talks in order to woo back MQM in assemblies. The analysts believe targeting Rasheed Godail implied as if somebody does not want MQM to come back to assemblies and the purpose, from the face of it, was to scuttle Fazl efforts. Wife of Rasheed Gogail who was also in the same car remained unhurt. However sources say MQM was ready to come back to assemblies.

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