Sunday, September 24, 2023
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LG initiates global partnership with Netfixto

ISLAMABAD, 22 JAN  (DNA) – LG Electronics on Friday announced that LG has initiated a global partnership with Netflixto facilitate the expansion of Netflix’s global on-demand Internet streaming operations beyond the Internet TV network’s already established markets (the Americas, Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Japan).

According to a press release, The expansion will bring an extensive library of high-quality content, including 4K HDR-mastered original TVseries, to more markets in Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

LG has been chosen as a primary global business partner of Netflix, due to the superior picture quality and performance they lend to the Smart TV industry and the Netflix viewing experience alike. At the time of Netflix’s launch LG and Netflix will combine efforts to provide prepaid access to the Netflix service. I will be grateful, if you can place attached news in your esteemed publication. DNA

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