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Kakar’s relief plan on electricity bills remains elusive despite passing of 48 hours

ISLAMABAD, Sep 02 (DNA): Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar
has failed to give any relief to the masses on inflated electricity
bills despite an announcement.

On Thursday, PM Kakar announced that in the next 48 hours, his
government would announce a relief plan on the electricity bills that
have led to nationwide protests.

The assurance was given by the interim premier in an interaction with
senior journalists at the PM Office. Talking to senior journalists, PM
Kakar said that his government did a detailed review of the electricity
bills for the last two months.

Now, 48 hours have passed, the Prime Minister’s promise of relief in
electricity bills remains an announcement and his relief plan is not
sighted anywhere.

The Prime Minister had said that he would give relief in electricity
bills in the next 48 hours. Unfortunately, no plan for relief on
electricity bills could come out.  The minister has promised relief to
consumers up to 400 units. The finance minister also indicated that she
would initiate talks with the IMF for relief.

The electricity consumers were promised slab benefits on installments
and units.

The sources said that the Ministry of Finance and Energy has not yet
been able to give a plan for the relief package to the Prime Minister.

The matter of stopping the supply of free electricity units to the
employees of the electricity companies also turned sour.

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